Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd

Nurturing Community

How we are with each other matters. We create and shape our communities in little moments. Join us for a celebration of all that is beautiful about community. We are in this together. And what we create here at First Parish ripples out into the … read more.


We have been in a long, difficult battle over the right to access safe and legal abortions in this country for some time. It has ramped up in the last decade or so. This week we learned that the war against Roe v. Wade will … read more.

Awakening Abundant Joy

There is enough joy for all of us. It is our birthright. It cannot be taken from us. Let us live into this abundance of joy in celebration of the rebirths of our lives. The unfolding that is happening around us. The striving towards goodness … read more.

Wake to Wonder

We know that reconciliation with the earth is necessary to our continued existence. This service will celebrate our Transcendentalist forebears and their insistence that revelation remained ever unfolding, most clearly in the natural world. Join us as we reawaken and deepen our relationship with the … read more.

A New Way

As we look forward to the coming church year, let us dream about what is possible. What are we building? What leaps of faith are we taking together? What might this “new way” look like? How are we learning from what has been? How is … read more.

Faithful Community

The most powerful faith we have is the faith we place in ourselves and each other. By deepening relationship with ourselves and each other, we can build more faith so when we need it. Come, let’s build a more faithful community together as we honor … read more.

Two Years Later

Two years ago, we began the lockdown that has come to be understood as the start of the 2020 Covid Pandemic. We have ridden one heck of a rollercoaster together since then. Join us as we lament all that has been lost. And as we … read more.

Embodied Faith

Having faith in the universe is something we feel in our bodies above all else. Join us to discuss and practice embodied faith. What does it mean somatically to live faithfully? How do we reconnect with our faith when our bodies tell us that we … read more.

Where There is Resistance

When we find ourselves uncomfortable or defensive, how do we stay curious and learn the lesson before us? How do we find the gifts of disagreement? How do we lean in to relationship when we are in conflict? Relationship is central wherever there is resistance … read more.

A Longer Table

There is something magic that happens when we eat together. It is one of the great losses of the pandemic that we cannot gather to eat together safely in the same ways. Fellowship over food is deep and beautiful. Let’s talk about it!

Bring something to … read more.