In low-income areas where there is limited grocery store access, residents are more reliant on convenience stores and other outlets, limiting their ability to obtain fresh produce, meats, and other healthy foods. Problems surrounding store access are compounded in low-income areas since residents may be unable to afford the costs of traveling to places where stores are concentrated.

First Parish Dorchester has been a partner for over four years with Fair Foods, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit. We are one of the largest host sites for their weekly distribution of low cost healthy foods in Boston. Fair Foods works with wholesalers, supermarkets and food distributors to rescue food that might otherwise be disposed. Every Friday from 2:00-4:00pm volunteers from FPD, the surrounding neighborhoods, and Fair Food staff unload, pack and sell $2.00 bags of fresh healthy food to our neighbors. Based on our survey conducted in February 2017, the FPD and Fair Foods partnership:

  • Distributes 88-108 tons of healthy fruits and vegetables annually at the First Parish Dorchester location
  • Serves over 10,700 customer visits every year
  • Supported by 15-20 volunteers at each Friday drop-off event

The Fair Foods organization provides bags of mixed fresh produce for a suggested donation of $2.00. The program distributes food at over thirty sites in partnership with churches, schools, and public housing and senior centers across Boston. Each bag offers about twelve pounds of mixed fresh produce, ranging from potatoes and organic bananas to fresh spinach greens, carrots and oranges. Fair Foods has no eligibility requirements, no registration, and no ID checks. Customers may purchase as many bags as they need for friends, or family. No one is turned away if they have no money.

To volunteer: show up at 2:00pm any Friday at FPD. You don’t need to sign up.

Find out more about Fair Foods and all the Boston area distribution sites: