Speaker: Myles Crowley

Your Victory

Last week we began our discussion about how deeply interdependent we are. This week, we will dive into what that means in terms of our accomplishments. Given how interconnected we all are, do we ever accomplish anything on our own? Does leadership get the credit for what a community achieves? How do we practice gratitude … Continue reading Your Victory

“Spiritual Migrants”

Many First Parish members, friends and visitors come from other faith traditions and one does not have to give up other affiliations and beliefs to be a Unitarian Universalist. Stepping outside our religious tribes takes courage and leaving them completely is not always an option. But once you join your spiritual journey to this congregation’s … Continue reading “Spiritual Migrants”

Decentering Whiteness

Myles will share how a few books he has recently read and a professional conference [https://library.osu.edu/ideal-19] he attended early in August have informed, challenged and fired him up about First Parish Dorchester’s diversity and justice mission. In this service, Myles will ask the congregation to consider how we might live our commitment to grow along … Continue reading Decentering Whiteness

When the Spirit Says Do: A Workship Celebration

Once upon a time there was an enthusiastic, gentle, small boy who was content to play mostly with girls. What happened to that boy? Was the world kind to him? How does a UU church make a difference in his life today? Come this Sunday to hear the story.

Paths, Destinations and Crossroads

    Special Anniversary Sunday Service A member since 2005 and serving for the second time as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Myles will share his thoughts about this special time in the congregation’s 388-year history and ideas about the future of First Parish Dorchester. Read the full sermon here.