Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd


This year’s Transgender Day of Visibility comes in the wake of many states launching devastating and scary attacks on the rights of transgender folks. Our siblings are scared and angry and weary. So in the midst of our celebration of the existence of trans and … read more.


Life is vulnerable. Many of us are vulnerable every day in real, stressful ways. We strive, in vain, to keep ourselves safe. To protect our tender hearts. Join us as we seek to dance with our vulnerabilities. To allow ourselves to risk being more real … read more.

“Loving Even Them”

What happens if we are able to love not just strangers, but also opponents? How do we do that while maintaining boundaries and self respect? We believe that everyone is worthy of love, even those who cause harm. Join us as we explore the power … read more.

“A labor of Love”

“We are pregnant with freedom” says Assata Shakur. We are birthing a new world together. And it is a labor of love. It is painful and beautiful and complicated. There are times to breathe and gather ourselves. There are times to push like our lives … read more.

“Sow Love”

Our most crucial relationship is with ourselves. We are called to love ourselves deeply. And we cannot do it alone. Join us as we sow the seeds of self-love and discuss the role of community love in our self-loving endeavors. 

Here’s the video of this Service:

If … read more.

“What Is Our Center?”

As a non-creedal faith, what binds us together? When we cherish individual searching and questioning, how do we also together articulate what is the center of our faith? The Article II Study Commission has worked diligently to reframe how we name for our bylaws who … read more.