Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd

Two Years Later

Two years ago, we began the lockdown that has come to be understood as the start of the 2020 Covid Pandemic. We have ridden one heck of a rollercoaster together since then. Join us as we lament all that has been lost. And as we … read more.

Embodied Faith

Having faith in the universe is something we feel in our bodies above all else. Join us to discuss and practice embodied faith. What does it mean somatically to live faithfully? How do we reconnect with our faith when our bodies tell us that we … read more.

Where There is Resistance

When we find ourselves uncomfortable or defensive, how do we stay curious and learn the lesson before us? How do we find the gifts of disagreement? How do we lean in to relationship when we are in conflict? Relationship is central wherever there is resistance … read more.

A Longer Table

There is something magic that happens when we eat together. It is one of the great losses of the pandemic that we cannot gather to eat together safely in the same ways. Fellowship over food is deep and beautiful. Let’s talk about it!

Bring something to … read more.

Braiding Intentions

What is possible when we weave our intentions throughout our lives? How do we turn the ordinary into spiritual practice? Join us as we weave some intentions into our Sunday morning and discuss the power of intention setting in our lives. 

This is the service planned for … read more.


There are great gifts and wonder in the dark. As we honor solstice, let us look at the potential healing and growth that comes from attending to our shadows. To the darkness inside us as well as that surrounds us this time of year. Let … read more.

Free in Relationship

In order to truly be free, we have to be able to name the boundaries that allow us to remain in relationship with one another. Freedom actually means containers. Join us as we explore the ways in which we take responsibility for the impacts of … read more.

Lighting Your Own Flame

We now have a solid system to support our hybrid services so that those at home and those in the sanctuary all have a similar worship experience. Are you comfortable learning a few tech skills? Would you be willing to consider an occasional Sunday as … read more.

Why Dorcas ye Blackmore?

Our congregation is 391 years old and we wish to continue to have an impact in our community for 400 more years. In order to truly envision who we are becoming, we have to know our history. This Sunday we are uncovering what we can … read more.