Speaker: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd


Our congregation is 391 years old and we wish to continue to have an impact in our community for 400 more years. In order to truly envision who we are becoming, we have to know our history. Join us on a journey back to the … read more.

Practice Holds Us

In our service series on cultivating relationship, we began with talking about our relationships with ourselves and then moved to how we do this with each other. This week, we move out even more broadly to cultivating our relationships with that which holds the universe … read more.

Sea Glass

Relationship- the process by which we commit and stay engaged with those we love, even when we do not like each other or when we blow it – changes us in all of the best ways. And boundaries are central to how we learn this … read more.

Love Your Paintbrush

In a world where we are told in a thousand different overt and covert ways that our bodies are not good enough, how might we cultivate the kind of radical self love that will change us and the world? Join us as we consider loving … read more.

What’s Possible?

There is a lot that is wrong right now. We are all working through a lot together. When we do it together, there are greater possibilities. We find new ways to create and cultivate hope. Come, let us choose some new possibilities!

I Do Not Know

Life is about learning to live with a certain amount of uncertainty. But the level of lack of clarity of what is to come has skyrocketed in the last 18 months. And we do not know when this will shift. I, for one, am really … read more.

To the Sea

“All rivers run to the sea; but the sea is not full” – Ecclesiastes 1:7 

As we return from the summer and begin our church year anew, let us reflect on the journey of one river as it makes it’s way to the sea. The story … read more.

Full Bodied Joy

As we welcome the summer months and relish the beauty around us, let us create and feel the full bodied joy that fuels us. We cannot live a life of fullness unless we can feel our joy all the way into our toes. We cannot … read more.

Playing Pretend

Playing pretend can give us an empowering way to work through and express different parts of ourselves. It can also be the most disempowering and soul draining thing when it is forced upon us for survival. Join us as we celebrate the ways in which … read more.