“Grounded In Love and Community”

100 years ago, in the face of real threats from the Nazi regime, Norbert Čapek created a ritual that celebrates diversity and community. It symbolizes all that we can create when we all bring our gifts together.

1 year ago, in the face of rising racism and fascism here in the United States, our congregation had the honor of ordaining Rev. Dr. Althea Smith to the Unitarian Universalist ministry, focusing on abolition in the community. She chose the weekend of Juneteenth very intentionally. It was an incredible celebration of the power of community.

Join us as we honor both of these important anniversaries. Bring a flower to share as we celebrate all that we each give to this community. Let’s create something powerful and beautiful together, grounded in love and community.

Here’s the video of this Service:

You are invited to join us in worship in person or on zoom at
https://zoom.us/my/firstparishdot If you join us in person, please wear your mask and sit distanced from one another. We will unmask to speak from the front of the Sanctuary.