Speaker: Matt Meyer

It Takes Practice

Our favorite songs, whoever the artist or whatever the style, were created in a strange alchemy of study and inspiration, of strict practice and of letting go.

Spiritual Practice is a similar combination of dedication, muscle memory, and perhaps a little divine inspiration. Join us for a musical exploration of learning … read more.

Lessons for Future Ancestors

Let us measure success by how many of us can say:
I am living a life I don’t regret. A life that will resonate with my ancestors
-Adrienne Maree Brown

Join us for a reflection of heavy suitcases, surprise turning points, and attending to the complexity of … read more.

Love the Hell Out of This World

On June 3 UU musician Matt Meyers joins Rev. Tricia to lead worship AND offer a song leading workshop open to all.

Workshop at 10 am: “Song Leading with Matt Meyer
Singing together is a core spiritual practice for Unitarian Universalist worship and is also … read more.