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Fluent in Blooming

Our process of becoming who we are, of blooming into the fullness of our true selves, can mean mourning the death of many versions of ourselves along the way. We bury and grieve even the parts of us that have held us back from growth and wholeness. This Easter, a triumphant reminder that resurrection is … Continue reading Fluent in Blooming

“Purpose, Not Perfection”

Perfection is a myth, and may cause us to be disappointed in our inability to accomplish our purpose. This is especially true in church. We are called to change in the world, and that can be messy…..certainly not perfect. Rev. Di Bona is bi-racial and claims both her mother’s Wampanoag heritage and her father’s Italian … Continue reading “Purpose, Not Perfection”

The Stories of Our Lives

This service invites us to reflect on our relationship with the stories of our lives: the old stories, the well-worn stories that we’ve told–and been told–for so long. What might be at stake if we’re willing to re-examine them? How might such a process help us to reintroduce elements of uncertainty and nuance, inviting broader … Continue reading The Stories of Our Lives

Unfathomable Universalism

The Universalist faith is an unfathomable faith that preaches a promise of an unfathomable love. In the first Sunday of Lent in the Christian liturgical calendar, and in this time of violence, oppression, and genocide, how can we grieve love’s absence while holding it at the center of our faith? Let us come together with joy as we welcome back our … Continue reading Unfathomable Universalism

We Would Be One

In the aftermath of the 2024 Grammy Awards, there is a lot of conversation about how music can heal the divides of this country. We know that singing together connects and heals us. Join us for a celebration of the ways in which we would like to be unified through the healing power of song.  … Continue reading We Would Be One

In The Belly

The pagan observance of Imbolc, which coincides with the the Catholic observance of the Feast of St. Brigid, is said to be a time of honoring the seeds that are blooming but that we cannot yet see. Imbolc literally means “in the belly” and marks the midpoint of winter. Join us for an exploration of … Continue reading In The Belly