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Come Let Us Sing!

Join us this Sunday for worship and fellowship. The first lay lead summer service will return to a service format we have not used since before the pandemic began, but which has been very much enjoyed in prior summers, a communal hymn sing. We will … read more.

Woven in a Single Garment of Destiny

This service will shown on video at First Parish and on Zoom.

“We are not alone, though sometimes we forget that truth. We are woven into one cloth, one gorgeous blanket, designed for use, for comfort, to sustain and to love…”
—Rev. Dr. Sarah Lenzi

“Woven in … read more.

Free People Free People

Have you ever encountered someone who was authentic and free in a way that inspired you to get more free or be more authentic? Have you noticed how freedom is contagious? Join us on this Juneteenth Sunday as we celebrate and honor the ways in … read more.

Sounds Like a Whisper

We often talk about revolution as something that is loud and aggressive. But being a revolutionary is also quiet. We listen for the call of what is ours to do. We softly create spaces that foster revolutionaries, especially amongst our young folks. Sometimes our queer … read more.

Exchanging Blessings Now

In the midst of this world, how do we savor the blessings in our lives? How do we give and receive blessings in community? What does this moment in history teach us about how to live in exchange with the blessings around you? 

We will engage … read more.

To the Center

Feeling Lost? Confused by the twists of the world, and not sure where you’re going? You do not journey alone. In this service, we will move through the ancient spiritual practice of walking the labyrinth. It is a path of constant twists and turns, that … read more.

Nurture Beauty

Beauty surrounds us. And we can choose to nurture it and create more abundant beauty and love in the world. Or we can choose to perpetuate systems that create harm and inequity. Beauty exists all around us – alongside fear, greed and systems of oppression … read more.

Nurturing Community

How we are with each other matters. We create and shape our communities in little moments. Join us for a celebration of all that is beautiful about community. We are in this together. And what we create here at First Parish ripples out into the … read more.


We have been in a long, difficult battle over the right to access safe and legal abortions in this country for some time. It has ramped up in the last decade or so. This week we learned that the war against Roe v. Wade will … read more.

Playing with Liberation

In A Theology of Play, Jürgen Moltmann writes that “liberation from the bonds of the present system of living takes place by playing games.” In this service, we will experiment with how play can be a liberative practice to sustain our imagination and our struggle for justice. … read more.