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What We Take Away

Each year we celebrate an old ritual with a beautiful history. We each bring a flower that symbolizes the beauty and uniqueness of our gifts and presence. Together, each of our flowers becomes a bouquet more glorious than any of us could create alone. And then we each take home a different flower than we … Continue reading What We Take Away

June 9, 2024

Worship Service details coming soon! “We welcome you, whoever you are, whatever tradition, gender, race, class, sexual identity, ability, or age you represent. May you grow in the ways of respect, service, and wholeness. And through all your days may you know that you are loved.“ Join us at Meetinghouse Hill every Sunday at 11am … Continue reading June 9, 2024

Nice vs. Kind

What is the difference between being nice and being kind? Which direction do our Unitarian Universalist values call us towards? What can we learn from the ways these values are showing up in our national UU and US political spaces? Worship Leader: Rev. Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd “We welcome you, whoever you are, whatever tradition, gender, race, … Continue reading Nice vs. Kind

A Mother’s Love

One might argue that there is little more powerful than a mother’s love. And we know that there are lots of things that get in the way of it. This service will honor our deep connection with the Louis D Brown Peace Institute and the power of Clementina Cherry’s motherly love. In the world so … Continue reading A Mother’s Love

Queer Joy: Refueling Our Revolution 

Ms. Penny Cost (She/Her/Hers) is not your average, every day, bless-your-heart-ing church lady! She (as her real-life counterpart, Isaac Simmons, they/them) is reportedly the first Drag Queen in the world to become a Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry within the United Methodist Church. She is a second-year Master of Divinity student at Boston University School … Continue reading Queer Joy: Refueling Our Revolution 

To This I Give My Heart: A Faithful Exploration of Current Social Movements

In times like this, when change is more constant than certainty, we return to the basics. Love, faith, hope. Rev. DL Helfer is non-binary, and in general avoids boxes which trap them into “this” or “that.” Instead, they search for possibility, for deeper truths, and share those glimmers of possibility with others. Rev. DL is presently … Continue reading To This I Give My Heart: A Faithful Exploration of Current Social Movements

What’s Going On?

Our worship leaders for this Sunday are two ministers, each with her own long and respected career, who recently worked together to better understand all the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging for religious communities throughout the country. They will preach about the pandemic wilderness and what we all learned, as well as how all wilderness experiences shape us … Continue reading What’s Going On?

Your Victory

Last week we began our discussion about how deeply interdependent we are. This week, we will dive into what that means in terms of our accomplishments. Given how interconnected we all are, do we ever accomplish anything on our own? Does leadership get the credit for what a community achieves? How do we practice gratitude … Continue reading Your Victory

Fluent in Blooming

Our process of becoming who we are, of blooming into the fullness of our true selves, can mean mourning the death of many versions of ourselves along the way. We bury and grieve even the parts of us that have held us back from growth and wholeness. This Easter, a triumphant reminder that resurrection is … Continue reading Fluent in Blooming