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Finding wonder and reveling in it is incredibly good for our spirits. There are countless benefits to looking for wonder all around us. Join us as we lift up all of the ways in which our world is full of miracles. As we celebrate all … read more.

“Wondrous Mess”

Life is messy. This time of year it can be hard to square the messiness of life with the cultural messages of excess and joy. Join us as we look for all that is wonderful and beautiful about messiness!

Here’s the video of this Service:

You are … read more.

“Committing to the Bit”

If the covenants we express our faith through are temporary and change as we learn to live into them, how do we accountably commit to faithful integrity and center love in our lives?

Our guest preacher, Lindsay Donnelly-Bullington (she/her) is a second-year seminarian at Boston University School … read more.

Before and After

Sometimes change occurs quickly and alters us forever. Sometimes it is more gradual. However it happens, we change internally in incredible ways throughout our lives. And how we respond to those changes matters. At this time when the world is ablaze with change, it is … read more.

Celebrating our Ancestors

Today around the world All Souls Day, All Saints Day and Dia de Muertos is celebrated.  The fact that these occur on the same day is historically very complicated. However, they are intended to remind us of the importance of remembering those that we have … read more.


Doing a hard thing takes courage. Doing it again when you have failed takes even more. Persistence is a muscle we can strengthen with practice. Join us for a celebration of the growth mindset that we need in order to keep going. We will persist, … read more.

Hagar, #SayHerName, Who is she and what is she to you?

Today I will continue to explore the role of Mothers in the Bible.  I continue to ask if there is anything at all to be learned by the lives and experiences of these women. Motherhood is such a difficult job.  There are no manuals, directions, … read more.

Sovereign Bodies

Being your whole self and living your truth is the bravest and more life affirming thing you can do. We need everyone to have full bodily autonomy to allow everyone to thrive in this way. We need to all be sovereign in our own bodies. … read more.