Speaker: Rev. Annie Gonzalez Milliken

Faithful Connetions

At its heart, Unitarian Universalism is a counter-cultural faith. In a world that increasingly encourages complacency, fear, and isolation, our faith demands action, vulnerability, and authentic connection. How can we nurture this faith and each other in ways that truly do upset the status-quo?

Parables of the Sower

A biblical metaphor and a novel by Octavia Butler, both versions of the parable of the sower contain hope and grief. Inherent in the concept of emergence is loss: not all things that emerge take root and continue to grow. If we can grieve these … read more.

You Do Not Go Alone

It can be hard to know when to push ourselves to be brave and when to stick to our more comfortable strengths. One of the blessings of community is that we can lean on each other and find the roles that are right for us.

Worship … read more.