Speaker: Lucas Gonzalez Milliken

Telling the Story

This Sunday marks the beginning of Passover. This ancient story of liberation and resistance has shaped generations. It is a living and growing story. How does it still speak to us today? How might we be shaped by its telling, and how might we tell … read more.

Love is Inconvenient

Love is the doctrine of this community. We affirm this out loud every week – but sometimes it is easier said than realized.  How do we love each other in the midst of pain, difficulties, and frustrations? How do we embody that doctrine, and what … read more.

Sharing Our Truths

Each of us have so many truths inside of us, but – for whatever reasons – it can be difficult to share them or hear them with others. How can we meaningfully explore deeper truths amongst ourselves, and grow our story so that it can … read more.

Come and Go with Me

This year has forced us to do everything differently. As we move into 2021, we will bring the hard lessons from 2020 with us. We will also bring bold hopes, dreams, and visions with us into the new year. What world will we collectively imagine? … read more.

Still Healing

As we transition from one holiday to another, from one season to the next, what do we leave behind? What fears do we let go of, and what fears do we cling to because they are familiar? What traditions do we embrace, and what new … read more.

The Voice

With so many disparate voices demanding our attention ALL the time, it is almost impossible to decide who or what to listen to. Yet there is a still, small voice within each of us that can offer wisdom and guidance. How do we pay attention … read more.

Whoever You Are

There are three pieces we say in every service at FPD, that begin with some familiar lines:
We welcome you, whoever you are…
Love is the doctrine of this church/home…
We will keep a place for you wherever you may go….

What do we mean, truly, when we recite … read more.

Rising Up

As we continue to move through this period of isolation, joy and hope may be increasingly hard to come by.

Yet there is an insistent call for us to continue to find ways to celebrate with each other, and discover ways to offer each other Life … read more.