In simple form, our vision for the five phase Meetinghouse Restoration Project can be summarized as follows:

Phase I — Emergency Repairs, including steeple removal, structural stability, and weatherproofing work — COMPLETE

Phase II — Exterior Restoration — COMPLETE, with a few self-contained projects awaiting funding, such as restoration of the historic clock face

Phase III — Sanctuary Restoration; Accessibility Improvements throughout the first floor; Steeple Rebuilding/Restoration and Reattachment — COMPLETE

Phase IV — Parish Hall Restoration, including kitchen modernization, 2nd floor office reconfiguration, and elevator installation — Projected for 2018

Phase V — Parish Hall Expansion for the creation of classroom and other community spaces — as funds and partnerships allow

Public support of our vision emboldened our congregation to believe that this Meetinghouse Restoration Project would succeed. Foundation and historic preservation grants, community partnerships, and innumerable private donors have made it possible.  Further, the sale of the congregation’s historic silver collection in 2012 (previously in storage at the Museum of Fine Arts for over 70 years) seeded the budget for Phases II & III.

By supporting this project together, we help preserve and enhance this important historic building and make the expansion of this neighborhood’s civic engagement possible. Our track record for meeting our goals and completing our projects is excellent and we have enjoyed a unique and expanding partnership network of preservation tradesmen, non-profit organizations, generous foundations, and individual donors. Your support of the project ultimately will help bring vital community space and needed resources to you and your Meetinghouse Hill neighbors.