Speaker: Rev. Terry Sweetser

Flower Communion

For our service this Sunday, we will be observing Flower Communion, in a bit of a different way: during the day on Saturday, you are invited to bring a flower to the back porch of the church building, and leave it there. While there, take … read more.

Martyrs of the Race Course

In commemoration of those who have been killed in war we ask that each of us brings a flower to show on screen in a the memorial moment. The sermon recognizes the first Memorial Day ever held – it was in Charleston, South Carolina.

Miracle of Community

Because we Unitarian Universalists are so individualistic, a sense of community can elude us. We are afraid if we get too involved in a shared challenge we will lose our selfhood. What I hear over and over again from folks is, “We want a community.” … read more.

The Mother Who Saved Suffrage

Minutes after Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment, essentially ending American women’s decades-long quest for the right to vote, a young man with a red rose pinned to his lapel fled to the attic of the state capitol and camped out … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

Join us this Sunday for a virtual blessing of the animals! Children, bring your stuffed animals. Adults, bring your living animals or pictures of them. And everyone, bring a picture or remembrance of an animal no longer with you. In this time of stress … read more.

Old Time Religion

Mark Twain is reputed to have said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” In that spirit, it is worth remembering evangelist Billy Sunday’s face-to-face 1918 encounter with the great influenza pandemic while conducting a revival crusade in Providence, Rhode Island. He claimed, “I … read more.

Silver Linings

There is much to be anxious about, many clouds in our world. Let us learn to make the best of it by finding the silver linings in those clouds, working to heal ourselves and our world by our own efforts.

We will be gathering online on … read more.