Speaker: Lucas Milliken

To the Center

Feeling Lost? Confused by the twists of the world, and not sure where you’re going? You do not journey alone. In this service, we will move through the ancient spiritual practice of walking the labyrinth. It is a path of constant twists and turns, that … read more.

Breaking in the New Year

The last year has been full of brokenness. As we move into this New Year, how can we put the broken pieces of our lives together in a way that is healing and transformative? How has this year transformed you? What broken pieces are you … read more.

Righteous Anger

We talk a lot about how important it is to feel our feelings, but often we don’t mean anger, too – even when there is so much that can and should make us angry. Join Lucas and Rev. Aisha for a service where we explore … read more.


As UUs, we affirm that every person has worth and has dignity. In systems that devalue people and treat others in undignified ways, how can we uplift the worthiness that is at our core? How do we cultivate a relationship with our own worthiness – … read more.