Ancestor’s Dreams

We are the dreams of our ancestors. Those who we are directly descended from in family or in tradition. Those who have influenced us with their words and deeds. As we gather to remember those who have died that continue to impact our lives, let us also be mindful of the ways in which we live out their dreams. 

If you have an image of someone who you remember this Sunday, please drop it off at the church Friday 9-2 or during the Pumpkin event Friday 5-7. 

Please bring a candle with you to the service. Perhaps you have one that is special to you, or you can use one of the tealights that were in your care package. We will ask you to hold it, so you may need to place it in a candle holder, a flat stone, an upside down mug or some other creative way to keep your fingers safe.

To see the video, click on “Ancestor’s Dreams” file here