Each year we gather together again to mark the start of the new church year in celebration of water. Water is life! It moves in and through us and all that is. This year, we will honor the ways in which water is dangerous and uncomfortable and inconvenient. We will celebrate the community of care we create at FPD together to help us weather the storms of life. Please bring a small vessel of water that has meaning for you in some way or use our symbolic water. We will create a brief sanctuary from the storm, so that we might emerge more ready to create more care and love and hope in this world.

Here’s the video of this Service:

If joining by Zoom, please use the regular First Parish Zoom account: https://zoom.us/j/4438056805 If joining in person, please wear your mask and sit distanced from one another. Our service leaders, who are all fully vaccinated, will unmask to speak and sing from the front of the Sanctuary.