Playing Pretend

Playing pretend can give us an empowering way to work through and express different parts of ourselves. It can also be the most disempowering and soul draining thing when it is forced upon us for survival. Join us as we celebrate the ways in which we are creating a world where everyone is honored and valued in their glorious fullness! Let’s imagine together what that world where no one has to pretend might look like so that we can bring it into our reality! As we celebrate Pride and becoming an officially recognized Welcoming Congregation, feel free to dress however makes you feel festive and/or especially yourself!

You are invited to join us in worship in person or on Zoom. If you join us in person, please wear your mask and sit distanced from one another. We are asking in-person participants not to sing for now. Our service leaders, who are all fully vaccinated, will unmask to speak and sing from the front of the Sanctuary. Unvaccinated folks are encouraged to sit a little further back to mitigate risk. 

Join us after the service on the front steps for a brief dedication of our new banners! Social time to follow!


Here’s the video of the service: