The Dangerous Work

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalists (BLUU) have energized, challenged and led the UUA into an honest examination of white privilege and white supremacy within our denomination and congregations. What does this journey hold for this historic white church that starts every Sunday service saying “We welcome you, whoever you are, whatever tradition, gender, race, class sexual identity, ability or age you represent.”

Worship leader Rev. Tricia with worship associate Dan Berube

We need to understand “….the difference between individual sin and collective sin, or between personal acts of racism and systemic racism. You know it used to be that what was new- what was insightful- was to understand racism didn’t exist solely or even predominantly in individual white people who mistreated people of color. Like me, you may have heard friends, relatives, co-workers, even yourself say things like I’m not racist because… I believe all people are equal, I treat everyone the same, etc.— and then the “aha moments” when the same people began to see that even if they do treat everyone with respect and fairness- and of course sometimes we think we do, but we don’t fully-, our society, in very many ways, does not….”

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