“We Give our Dead to the Orchards”

Katie Byron is a recent graduate of Boston University School of Theology, candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry, and aspiring hospital chaplain. They are also a social worker and currently work and live in Boston as a therapist, partnering with people figuring out how to live and love when it feels like the world is ending. Katie lives in Boston with their partner and two cats.

On this Memorial Day weekend in a year that continues to bring such grief, we gather to explore the question of what kind of memorial could possibly be sufficient to honor these losses or to fully honor any loss. What if no single structure could be enough? We will consider what it might mean to be engaged in practices of memorializing and the ways in which we might serve as living memorials. 

Here’s the video of this Service:

If joining by Zoom, please use the regular First Parish Zoom account: https://zoom.us/my/firstparishdot If joining in person, please wear your mask and sit distanced from one another.