Peace When There is No Peace

Ezekiel 13:1-16 is often not the part of Ezekiel people talk about. The Valley of Drybones and the hymn about Ezekiel seeing the wheel are often what come to mind first. However, it is there in the hard parts of Ezekiel we find a message that helps us think about what it means to be working towards a just world, a world that has accountability, and a world where it is dangerous to say there is peace when there is, in fact, no peace.

Worship Leader: Rhea Brown-Bright
Worship Associate: Mary Fernandez-Buehrens
Music Leaders: Dr. Ana Sorina Popa and the FPD Choir

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For our in-person guests: We invite you to join us in the Parish Hall after Service for a community coffee + social hour.

Nursery care is available starting at 10:30. Once Service begins, children will join their families in the Sanctuary. Once the Time for All Ages ends, they will join their Sunday School teachers unless it is an intergenerational Service.

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