Planting & Digging Starts in FPD front

Join us on Saturday, October 3, 8am-noon as we plan and dig some more! Bring gloves as needed and tools if you can.

A group of interested members recently met to begin to create a vision for the grounds. We talked about making the space more welcoming not just for members but for the community at large, and determined that we need an overall plan. In the meantime, Myles Crowley has done the hard work of tilling soil and beginning to create a memorial garden; Melissa Wender has planted (and watered and watered and watered) donated lilacs, hostas, daylilies, irises, and Solomon seal in the front corner and in a potential memorial garden spot. A small group will soon begin to draft a comprehensive plan, and then bring it back to others for review. If you have ideas, perennials you’ve just divided, or want to donate funds or time, don’t hesitate to contact Melissa at