Parking Lot Update

There was a second Congregational Conversation on January 19 for parishioners to share their perspectives on the future of our Parish Street parking lot.  The Boston Mayor’s Office has renewed their interest in purchasing the ½ acre graveled parking lot. Their plan is to build a new fire station to replace the existing station.  FPD Trustees have met periodically with City officials including Commissioner Finn and the Mayor several times over past 5 years. 

In 2019, the Mayor’s Office verbally offered a price that is less than the current property Appraisal.  Under our by-laws any offer would need to be approved by a vote of the Congregation. City officials met again with two board members last week.  The officials agreed to provide more information on the City’s building design process and a written description of an alternative parking arrangement.

There will be a third Congregational Conversation this winter to get more  input from our members on this important decision.  Please share your thoughts about the parking lot with any of the Trustees as well.