Minister Search and Interim Minister Updates

Ministerial Search Progress

This summer will be a busy time for our ministerial search at First Parish Dorchester. The Trustees voted to have a blended Search Committee to continue the process of identifying and recommending ministerial candidates that Jane Lindsay, Katherine Jenkins Djom, Tom Cunningham, Susan Lush and John Minahan completed over the past year.  John and Tom will continue and will be joined by three new members.  The hard-won knowledge and insights gained by our continuing members will be invaluable to the new committee.Please contact any of the Trustees if you are be interested in joining the Search Committee or if you would like to recommend someone for the Committee.  We want to have a broad range of life experiences that represent the membership here at First Parish Dorchester on the new search committee.  The Trustees and other elected Officers will meet in early September to choose the new members.  Our new Ministerial Search Committee will be hard at work this coming year to identify and recommend the right candidate for our congregation. The goal will be to have a settled Minister for First Parish next spring.

Interim Minister UpdateThe Trustees made an offer of employment for a one-year contract to a seasoned UUA minister to come to First Parish Dorchester as Interim Minister. The minister has accepted and is making arrangements to come to Dorchester.  The Trustees are in the process of completing the contract documents and we expect to have our new Interim Minister in place this summer.  Stay tuned.

Ardis Vaughan, Chair of the Board of Trustees