Mather School Garden Volunteers Needed

A new volunteer network of Boston area teachers, garden educators, and food justice activists called Growing Resilience has just been given permission to grow food in unused garden beds at BPS schools during the closure and this summer. The harvests will be distributed to Boston families in need. The beds will be returned (with improved soil) for teachers and children to use when they return. Experienced gardeners are needed, as well as people who can water weekly or more. Most school gardens that have a City Sprouts or Green City Growers program are currently in care of those groups, also for growing food to donate. We hope to start with the beds at some of these schools, depending on where we find volunteers. We will try to connect with garden leaders at each school first.

Please let David Weinstein (BTU School teacher)  know, at, if you:

  • Would like to volunteer at one of these schools – let him know your availability (weekly? more?)  and your experience in gardening (Can you lead the effort? Do you grow food? Are you game to water and maybe learn some more gardening?)
  • Have been involved with the  garden at one of the schools on our  list, or you know a person who is. (Let us know who, please, so we can update our list and contact them).