Long-time Deacons Honored

During service on Sunday, April 28, two deacon’s chairs were dedicated to two long-time members and a gift by another long-time member will be acknowledged.

Rev. Tricia, Barbara Greene, and Rev. Jim Stillman

In March, the Board of Trustees voted to dedicate deacon’s chairs to Barbara Greene and Neil Brunswick in recognition and appreciation for their years of service as a Deaconess and Deacon respectively. A brass plaque with their names and years of service in these roles will be fixed to chairs located near the front entrance to the sanctuary. The recently revised First Parish Dorchester bylaws do not include the roles of Deacon and Deaconess. 

In 2016, long-time congregant Robert Severy provided the funds to reupholster the four deacon’s chairs as a memorial gift for his parents who were also members of First Parish. Robert’s generosity was also formally acknowledged.

We are deeply grateful to Barbara, Neil and Robert for their care and commitment to the congregation over so many years.

Usually elected for life by the congregation, Deacons assisted the Minister at public services and made recommendations to the Minister, the Trustees, or the congregation.