FPD Special Meeting on Financial Plan

First Parish Special Meeting to vote on the financial investment plan
Sunday, December 2
Our congregation voted to sell the manse property at our Annual Meeting in May. There will be a Special Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, December 2, 2018 for our membership to vote on a financial investment plan to responsibly manage this additional financial asset. The Trustees have recommended approval of the financial investment plan that our Treasurer, Sherman Zemler-Wu developed. The plan was explained in two Congregational Conversations earlier this fall.
Financial stability is necessary to grow the impact of our spiritual and social justice mission. We need to be good stewards of our assets to support our mission today and for future generations. The endowment is a way to meet the spiritual needs of our congregation and increase the impact of our social justice mission. We should do both while maintaining intergenerational equity.
The Trustees recommend establishing a fund separate from the endowment to be used to provide
  • Annual operating income.
  • Contingency for emergency facilities needs.
  • Support for future programs to grow the mission of the congregation.
  • Plan for larger capital projects.
FPD members received an email last week with the Special Notice of the congregational meeting and a link to the Plan supporting materials. Those without email will get both the Special Notice and the Plan by regular U.S mail.  Stay for the Special Meeting on December 2 to vote for our continued financial stability. If you are a member and did not receive this notice and the link, please contact Kit Binns at admin@firstparishdorchester.org.