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The Resilient Spirit

The earth is now showing signs of life, as it does every year. So too, we humans rebound after loss, failure and setbacks. How do we do that?  Read More »

On the Occasion of the 387th Anniversary

Founded in 1630, First Parish Dorchester is within sight of its 400th anniversary. How do institutions as old as FPD balance history and freshness? How is the story of this place evolving? On this special Sunday let us celebrate and dream.  Read More »

Together in These Times

The two week Stewardship Campaign kicks off today. The number one thing that people are saying they need now in their lives is community. A strong community at First Parish needs members giving of their time, talent and treasure - together. Read More »

A Time for Prophets

Throughout history, prophets have appeared in times of great upheaval and discord. Our nation is in turmoil and as we look around for guidance in these troubled days, we seek prophets to guide us through the mayhem. Who has the authority to speak truth to power? Who is qualified to dispute the “alt news” and “alt facts” that flood our senses? The answer is closer than you think.  Read More »

Right Living, Right Dying

Perhaps the greatest act of courage is facing our mortality. Drawing from Atul Gawande’s recent book Being Mortal, let us sing, pray, listen and explore life and end of life.  Read More »

Standing on the Side of Love

Standing on the Side of Love is the UUA’s public advocacycampaign that seeks to harness love’s power to stop oppression. It is also a wonderful hymn written by Jason Shelton, which we will sing this Sunday. And it is a stance toward life and justice which is worthy. Read More »

A Call to Action

Most of us aren’t born brave, but grow in courage through action. When we take action with others, we discover that courage can be contagious. Read More »

Congregations as Sustenance, Sanctuary, Refuge, and Faith

Why come to church? Perhaps because you and our world stand in need of transformation, and here it can happen. Read More »

Between the Rock and the Hard Place

This coming week embraces both the MLK holiday and the Inauguration of Donald Trump as President.   What a sobering contrast:  one gave his life to the principle that all people are precious;  the other dedicated himself to " The Art of the Deal" and that the exploitation of the physical  environment has little or nothing to do with the human environment.  At such a moment we can take heart from actions of our own UUA Board that has embraced "Black Lives Matter " initiatives as a means of "speaking truth to power".  Read More »

The Prophetic Imagination of Walter-Brueggeman

Few theologians have awakened pastors and churches from a stultifying slumber as much as Brueggemann. His is a radical critique of the Empire, that points us to solidarity with others, a sharing or resources, and the practice of neighborliness. Read More »

Half a Cloak

Reflections on generosity to others and to self. Read More »

The Heart of Things

A Christmas Eve homily about getting to the heart of things. Read More »

This is a Camp of Prayer

What are the spiritual muscles that we need to strengthen for these times? Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen reflected on prayer, resistance, the presence that is required of us, and her recent time at Standing Rock.  We welcomed Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen to our pulpit as guest preacher on December 18, 2016. Elizabeth is the Leadership Development Associate for Youth and Young Adults of Color at the UUA.   Read More »

The Welcome Mat

On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, let us celebrate all that we have to be thankful for and let us lift up the beauty and power of a welcoming spirit and practice. This sermon was chosen by Neal Snow, one of two winners of the “choose the sermon” Silent Auction item of the First Parish Gala in Spring 2016. Read More »

Be Not Afraid

The First Parish Players have delighted us many a Sunday during the Time for All Ages. On December 11 they led us- and we of all ages followed - into an exploration of the nativity story. Together we made this ancient story of fear and love, seeking and finding, birth and belonging, speak to us in our time now. And Director of Religious Education Lucas Gonzalez Milliken delivered his homily "Be Not Afraid" to bring home to us in this day and age the multiple meanings of the phrase heard by the shepherds, "Be not afraid".  Read More »

Living Simply

It is easy to say that we won’t get caught up on the frenzy of the holiday season. It is easy to say that we aspire to live our lives with greater simplicity. But so much presses upon us to do the opposite, and too often we come to the year’s end fatigued and a bit sad that once again we seem to have more drama and expense and busyness that we desire. Let us explore how joy, community and presence more than presents can help us move in the right direction. Read More »

Stubborn Love

Working to create the beloved community has never been easy, and asks much of each one of us. Yet the struggle is centered in love and is no stranger to joy. The way forward needs you and your unique gifts. Let us re-affirm our shared vision, and build bridges not walls. Read More »

The Election Sermon

There is a tradition from the colonial days that the preacher preached an Election sermon on the Sunday prior to an election. Not a sermon telling people whom to vote for, but one raising up ideas and issues that he (almost always) or she (rarely until recently) thought valid to consider. Rev. Tricia Brennan continued this tradition on the first Sunday in November in these most contentious, troubling, fascinating, and important days in our country.  Read More »